वैयर्थ जेथे उमगे सदा…

My First English Post

Tomorrow, there will be ISCA (Information Systems Control and Audit) Paper.. So, for that I mugged up something as follow..

Plan and Organize

PO1 Define a strategic IT plan and direction

PO2 Define the Information Architecture

PO3 Determine technological direction

PO4 Define IT processes, organization, relationships

PO5 Manage IT investments

PO6 Communicate management aims, direction

PO7 Manage IT Human Resources

PO8 Manage Quality

PO9 Assess and manage IT risks

PO10 Manage Projects


Acquire and Implement

AI1 Identify Automated Solutions

AI2 Acquire and maintain Application Software

AI3 Acquire and maintain Technological Infrastructure

AI4 Enable operation and use

AI5 Procure IT resources

AI6 Manage Changes

AI7 Install and Accredit Solutions and Changes


Deliver and Support

DS1 Define and manage service levels

DS2 Manage Third Party Services

DS3 Manage performance and capacity

DS4 Ensure continuous service

DS5 Ensure Systems Security

DS6 Identify and Allocate Costs

DS7 Educate and Train users

DS8 Manage Service Desk and Incidents

DS9 Manage Configuration

DS10 Manage Problems

DS11 Manage Data

DS12 Manage the physical environment

DS13 Manage operations


Monitor and Evaluate

ME1 Monitor and Evaluate IT processes

ME2 Monitor and Evaluate Internal Control

ME3 Ensure Regulatory Compliance

ME4 Provide IT Governance



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